Free printable and easy tab for song by Eric Clapton – Before You Accuse Me Acoustic. Tab ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Choose and determine which version of Before You Accuse Me chords and tabs by Eric Clapton you can play. Last updated on EC “unplugged”: Before You Accuse Me. On “Journeyman” he played the electric version (also fantastic), on Unplugged the acoustic version on his Martin guitar.

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In the next step we play them as power chords:.

Before You Accuse Me chords & tabs by Eric Clapton @ Tabs

A minor, C major and G mixolydian share the same notes. And when we are finished there are no more songs to play, but the audience wants more. So you can start playing rhythm to the song….

This Eric Clapton arrangement of the Blues classic has a melody all of it’s own and so works without a vocal as well The txb is for you to find out…. A minor scale notes.

Tears In Heaven was actually in a very embryonic stage when I was approached and I completed it for Rush. The timing is a bit simplified….

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Before You Accuse Me (Unplugged)

Between A7 and Bm7 there are accsue notes that can be described with other chords, but you can also just take the notes. Martin string Keep your string and twb back feeling, another strummed Blues in the key of C. EC dedicated this song co-author: Another song, Circus Left Townwas also recorded during this session but did not appear on this album. The timing was perfect, because they needed a song about loss and I had plenty of them.

With his powerful string guitar he played not only Blues, but as a songster also folk and country music. Then have a change using the chords:.

Eric Clapton – Unplugged

The chord progression of the solo is the same as above This solo contains many standard licks, which occur also on other acoustic Blues songs, for example Malted Milk. When Eric Clapton’s baby fell fr Mr Clapton sure knows how to write a tune!

So you see that sometimes notes and chords from other scales can give a good sound. Acfuse rolling rhythm background fades in like with or without slide: OK, on with the song now. The G mixolydian starts at the 5th degree of the C major scale, which is the dominant, so we get the dominant 7th chord G7.


We need the end, playing around the G chord: We continue with the vocals. The solo starts at 1: If you play it followed by a G major chord you ttab hear the tension created by the sus4 is seeking resolution to the 3rd of the major triad.

For the simple version you need the following chords:. As already said, we change to C minor.

We start around the 12th fret:. The yku is also simple, just play the chords E6 — E — E6 — E7. Remember from the basics: The bends are mostly quarter tone bends, the slides are over one or two frets. Donations are greatly appreciated: The following tab shows the chords which are played like in the beginning, plus the extra notes:.

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