Readers with a taste for fantasy and folklore will embrace Pattou’s (Hero’s Song) lushly rendered retelling of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Book Review: East by Edith Pattou. Posted on July 28, Title: East. Author: Edith Pattou. Genre: Fantasy, Retelling, Young Adult. Publisher: Harcort. Rose is the youngest of seven children, meant to replace her dead sister. Maybe because of that, she’s never really fit in. She’s always felt.

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The villain is defeated rather quickly, and the reasoning and origin behind her white bear servant is left vague. Serena Blasco and Nancy Springer. This book will waste your time. I thought it pattouu very believable that Rose would be willing to sleep with some unknown man Bear in his human form for so many months and not ever wonder what is happening until her mother prompts her to start wondering.

East (novel) – Wikipedia

Like Rose, the Troll Princess has an older woman as quasi helper. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Every other older woman is shown to be stupid, silly, or cruel or all three. I fell inlove with Rose and her personality from the beginning, the first few pages a a little slow, bu Evith absolutely loved this book.

Sep 09, Camille rated it it was amazing. But destiny cannot be denied, and when another sibling falls gravely ill, a talking white bear shows up at the family’s door; promising that if Rose leaves home and journeys with him, the family will become happy, healthy, and wealthy.

People travel unrealistically fast for the time period as well, showing that the author probably didn’t do her research for this.


Intersecting 1 3 Jan 25, I get that, I get it’s a trope. View all 3 comments. In Easta teenage girl named Rose has a sense of adventure that her worried mother has always tried, unsuccessfully, to quell. The Girl with the Broken Heart. If not for the insistence in describing the snowy landscape and throwing in words in the language of the locals, it wouldn’t be that evident it’s in the North.


I liked Rose, the MC. Lovers of fairytales retold, reimagined, or twisted on it’s side.

View all 17 comments. View all 10 comments. So I’m conflicted about this book. Most authors would have Rose run into eadt arms of the White Bear and they would live edjth from that moment on.

The Light Between Worlds. Rose is the you 4. There was still plenty of magic. Her mother had received a prophecy that if she gave birth while facing north, that “north facing” baby would grow up and die a cold, horrible death, suffocating under ice and snow.

I would have like it to start with a year.

Monday Book Review: East by Edith Pattou

East was written when fantasy could still be fantasy. Rose finishes the grueling journey towards the ice palace she sees in the distance. That, to me, always makes a book more interesting! Rose is the youngest in her family. Read the glossery in the very back for modern names I loved the mother’s superstition, her brother, Neddy- their love and close relationship, Rose, of course was a brave, smart girl, The White Bear-it’s amazing how you can start to love an animal in a book, Thor didn’t think I’d like him but I did!

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram! Plus, it’s historical fantasy rather than plain old-school fantasy, as the setting is 16th century Scandinavia, and the author uses a historical event from a century prior that’s somewhat mysterious and apt for reinterpreting in fic This reimagining of East of the Sun and West of the Moon has a very good beginning, enhanced by the not so frequent technique in retellings of showing both sides of the story: Like the Troll Princess, Rose uses someone and then spares no thought for his fate and it is a sad fate.


The Queen obliges but finds she cannot remove the stain on the shirt. So when an enormous white bear shows up one cold autumn evening and asks teenage Rose edjth come away with it–in exchange for health and prosperity for her ailing family–she readily agrees.

What Pattou excels at, as a writer, is showing, not telling, which makes this story a true emotional experience. Since the day she was born, it was clear she had a special fate.

While Rose does form a type of relationship with Malmo and two other females, none of these relationships seems as deep as the ones with her father and brother. While she gets understandably afraid at times, and makes more than a few mistakes, she finds the will and courage to power on through and do the right thing; determined to write her own destiny and not just give in to fate.

I loved her fierce determination, her daring demeanor, and how she never gives up on these impossible tasks that keep coming her way. There’s a feel that the author isn’t that familiar with Scandinavia and its languages, despite her including phrases and words in Norwegian, because she misses the correct spelling and umlauts, a frequent mistake by foreigners.

EAST by Edith Pattou | Kirkus Reviews

The white bear gives Rose a week to make up her mind. When she gets to the Troll kingdom, Rose describes the other humans there with the troll word for human, soft skin. East has received mixed reviews. And it was dry.

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