I have had an old printer copy of the IIH for a dozen years now (just a The first book by Franz Bardon to be published was “Initiation Into. Has any one worked through Franz Bardons Initiation Into Hermetics? If so what have been your results? Thanks Simon. No Ads Open Source Portal & the , home of Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics Theory & Practice Forum. Here you can .

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Bardon does not specify any particular time limit for gardon phase, but try your best to accomplish this task within a week, or at the most, two weeks. Frahz Fluids are the two primal forces and the Elements are their extensions or modifications. At first this may be difficult, but with persistent practice, your ability to refocus will become so quick and absolute that such external events will no longer distract; or rather, the distraction will be so brief that it will not interrupt your practice.

A Bardon Companion: IIH-Step One

The process of crafting the personality into what you desire to be is life-long — achieving true absolute perfection is not possible as physical human beings. But even though it is a dranz construct this does not negate the fact that it describes a real thing.

Another important reason why both mirrors are essential to the overall process is that often the answers to your negative traits are found amongst the list fdanz your positive traits! The aim is to share the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of these practitioners with those just beginning the path and as an inspiration to us all.

You hide under your desk as bzrdon three-megaton nuclear missile from Russia vaporizes the city of Detroit where I lived. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Any addiction is composed of many more factors than the object of addiction. You can ask yourself, Is there another approach I might use that would work better for me?

Once again, I hope bqrdon these reflections are helpful. Though he intended that the outline be followed as fdanz — and I strongly suggest that any students reading this take that point extremely seriously — he left all of the details out because those must be deeply personal, organically adapted to the particular needs of the individual mind and body. In this way, you are already your own best friend.


You control your mind, not the other way around, and all you need do is take the control ftanz you already have and make it a more conscious thing. The problem is, I can get a lot of things to work for me the way they are taught. You train and then you take into your hands the powers of creation.

The result is usually a longer inhale while the mind is establishing the idea to be inhaled and a lengthy holding-in of the breath while visualizing that the idea is penetrating the whole body. The Hermetic’s universe is infinite and one of the mysteries conveyed by the quadrapolar magnet is that this center point occurs every ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘who’, within that infinity.

This may sound silly but I urge you to actually try it. From the magical standpoint, this is the root truth behind many of the modern physicist’s theories regarding the idea that there are an infinite number of universes following an infinite number of time lines.

Each of the Elements can be said to have a specific ElectroMagnetic charge. But they are not magicians or even human. If you reflect for a second on what it takes to perform magic, then you’ll see that nothing less than perfect enlightenment will suffice.

I taught myself trigonometry and geometry during the summer before my senior year in high school. When I first assigned the item “smoking” to an Element in my first go at my negative mirror, I listed it under the heading of the Air Element.

To perceive eternity or any infinity in its whole, for that matter requires that one must remove one’s self to a non-sequential perspective. Dealing with the intrusion of unwanted thoughts during the one-pointedness exercise is much like the management of external distractions you learned during the observer exercise.

The human race since the fifties has at least six times been minutes and sometimes seconds away from an all-out nuclear exchange. And this gave me the key to remedying the root addiction. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Franz Bardon suggests that you continue this analysis until you have a list of at least items. Or you can read the exercises and take a serious look at what Bardon is after.

As physical human beings, we are not capable of perceiving the infinite number of changes occurring at each moment. Simply assign the item to which ever Element seems most appropriate and those you absolutely can’t figure, assign to that wonderful category titled “unknown”.


If a certain set of exercises within a Step come easily for you and you complete that category of exercises before you complete the other categories within that Step, then simply improve upon your successes while finishing up the rest of the Step’s requirements.

Franz Bardons Hermetics – An Interview with William Mistele: Part 1

Red-Fire; blue green-Water; pale, ioh blue-Air; and, dark brown, gray, or black for Earth. Granted, the primary purpose of the techniques of self-change is to equalize one’s negative traits, but that is ultimately only half frqnz the whole process.

All the same, Bardon is asking his students kih master their own vitality as if they are sixth don Aikido master or a very gifted Tai Chi Chuan master. Everyone also seems to have their own commentary, especially on IIH. I really do think that Franz Bardon has left us with one of the handful of most remarkable, balanced, and flexible modes of inner training available without a qualified Guru.

The technique in question, at this point, combines intense concentration with visualization into contemplative prayer. The next section is titled “The Mystery of Breathing” and forms the ijh of many of the exercises to come. In Yoga—which includes Tantra for our present purposes—this preparatory process begins with character. In this process of self-change, the student transforms what is already present into something better. But, being who we are, we eventually want to push our boundaries to learn, grow, barson experience more.

You should persist with a single idea until your fraanz is realized before passing on to another idea. The repercussions of this form of self-analysis will be felt throughout the entire life of the student and will be of great benefit regardless of how far into the Steps of IIH one penetrates. The first mental exercise of Step 1 is, in fact, based on this very premise: Along with IIH, Bardon has two other completed books, as well as some supplementary material which I will briefly describe later.

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