In this post I want to share who we can open the psf file in separate window from you flash application with fscommand. hey! i need to open an application from a button dont know how. i know its possible to open a local app, but this one is on the network. I’m creating a CD for PCs which, from the autorun window, has a button which launches an Explorer window, but I want it to open to in a specific.

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Forum Flash Help ActionScript 2. AppleScript is a built-in scripting language for ooen Macintosh operating system. Results 1 to 8 of 8. All you have to do is create a folder called fscommand, then make a bat file and fscimmand that call any program you like. Using Actionscript to Draw Lines Dynamically. Ren, you can use this method multiple times with make multiple. All times are GMT A projector file typically contains your movie as well as the Flash player.


Hope that helps, Dan. Yes you can and it’s easy to run any fscommahd from a flash projector. Dragging and Dropping Movie Clip Instances.


As long as there is system default application supporting particle file.

Nothing happens when i click the button. You can also choose to launch files with their default associated program.

I sent you the email. Brett Widmann May 7, at Using the XML Class. Right-clicking Control-clicking on a Macintosh a movie playing in the standalone player opens a context menu.

Flash Projector have limited rights to user computers and files.

Do you have to use Flash Projector? Flash Printing versus Browser Printing.

Understanding and Using fscommand()

This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Deny; Are you get some error? You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Working with Text Fields.

English not my mother language so don’t blame me, I just do the best to sharing, just give me suggestion to fix it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The Script is totally correct there is no errors in it what i am able 2 notice is that it works great when u publish it. Xtian October 19, at The EXEC fscommand could be used to launch a helper application, but unfortunately the EXEC fscommand doesn’t allow you to pass parameters to external applications so you have no way to tell the outside world which file you want to open.


Targeting the Current Movie. Controlling a Movie on a Level. Of course it can, it’s just an exe like any other exe file! It then looks for a BAT file in the same directory with the same base name, i.

About Us Northcode is a software company located in Whitehorse, Canada. Most of these products take an SWF file and wrap it within a powerful executable shell. Why Loops Are Useful.

Can fscommand open a specific folder in Windows explorer?

The extra information is used as a parameter of the command:. Noylin April 17, at The following are examples of applications that hold host Flash movies:.

Not the projector that comes with flash, there the FScommand library is reeeeeally small Choosing the Right Event Handler. Anand May 3, at You can use getURL to open most documents, but sometimes the document opens behind the projector.

What Objects are and Why They’re Useful. Understanding Event Handler Methods. The following AppleScript opens the file oopen catalog. I have a question

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