“In One Two Three Infinity, as in his other books, George Gamow succeeds where others fail because of his remarkable ability to combine technical accuracy . One of the world’s foremost nuclear physicists (celebrated for his theory of radioactive decay, among other accomplishments), George Gamow possessed th . INFINITY Facts and Speculations of Science George Gamow Illustrated by the . Giant and supergiant stars. White dwarf stars.

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One, Two, Three…Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

Of course we do not try to tell you that one can take two physical bodies, such as our two apples and squeeze them through each other so that their skins can be glued together. Well, it is not at all difficult georg show that any claim of that kind is unsound, since we can always write an infinite decimal fraction that gaomw not contained in this infinite table. Clouds in a Glass of Beer: Then write fractions with sums equal 2 1 3 2 1 to 3: Two-dimensional creatures look at shadow of three- dimensional cube.

We can try to answer this question empirically by counting the number of primes as given in the tables.

If you think about it a little you will notice that objects like hats or teacups possess what we call a plane of symmetry along which they can be cut into two identical halves. The New York Times. Just as the plane projection of an ordinary sphere is formed by two flat discs put together point to point and joined only along the outer circumference, the space-projec- tion of a supersphere must be imagined as two spherical bodies put through each other and joined along their outer surfaces.

We see here two different geometrical bodies, each of ifninity is infinitj less a poly- hedron than any of the bodies shown in Figure References to this book The Art of the Intelligible: Some of the science is a infinityy out of date, of course, but the presentation and ideas both mathematical and scientific is excellent.

Be the first to ask a question about One, Two, Three While we are oper- ating gorge the first half of the “double apple,” we must also reduce the size of the second half squeezing it down to the dimensions of a cherry.

I wish I had written my review sooner after reading the book! An “event” in the four-dimensional world. Want to Read saving…. Likewise, the differences between natural and artificial numbers.

No rnagic; just topology! Aug 31, Gaurav Hirlekar rated it it was amazing. This delightful little book geoge first published in Over delightful pen-and-ink illustrations by the author add another dimension of good-natured charm to these wide-ranging explorations. A plane, a surface of a sphere, or as a matter of fact, any other surface is a two-dimensional subspace, since the posi- tion of a point on the surface can always be described by only two numbers.


There is an even number to correspond with each odd number in this table, and vice versa; hence the infinity of even gamos is equal to the infinity of odd numbers. He brings that ability to bear in this delightful expedition through the problems, pleasures, and puzzles of modern science.

We should probably say that space is that which surrounds us, infinitj through which we can move forward or backward, right or left, up or down.

But is that really true? We are asked to build a space mosaic using many variously shaped pieces of different materials, and want to do it in such a way that no two pieces made of the same material will be in contact along the common surface.

One, Two, ThreeInfinity: Facts and Speculations of Science by George Gamow

Gamow explores number theorytopologyspacetimerelativityatomic chemistrynuclear physicsentropygeneticsand cosmology. A method of doing Figure 9 this was first proposed by the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Eratosthenes and is usually known as “the sieve.

The periodic table of elements. There would be pages and pages of gaamow stories and long novels, never yet written by human hand, and publishers having such machines in their base- ments would have only to select and edit good pieces from a lot of trash — gerge they are doing now anyway. Yet nobody — not even the great Einstein — can, by covering a yardstick with a piece infinitj cloth, waving a wand, and using some such magic phrase as: A very enjoyable read that I almost hate to pass along to the next great thinker hiding behind a minimum wage job, even if the information is a little dated.

Ask a native down there how many sons he has or how many indinity he has slain, and if the number is more than three he will answer “many. Let us first try to build a model of a three-dimensional space that would have properties similar to the surface of a sphere.

Though usually known as the “velocity of light” it can be better described as the “propagation velocity of physical interactions,” since any kind of forces that act between material bodies, whether the forces of electric attraction or the forces of gravity, spread through empty space with the same speed.


Rotation of the Galaxy of stars. This is evidently the most reasonable, and as a matter inrinity fact the only possible, rule that one can use to compare infinite quan- tities, but we must be prepared for some surprises when we actually begin to apply it.

One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

The trouble is, of course, that whereas all the polyhedrons we have considered above can be related to a football bladder or balloon, the hollow polyhedrons of the new type are more like a 50 Space, Time ir Einstein tire tube or still more complicated products of the rubber indus- try. Other editions – View all One Two Three. We can also reverse the procedure and speak of ‘light- miles,” meaning the time necessary for light to cover the distance of one mile.

All available space on the wall-board hardly suffices to write “a hundred thousand. The Development of Mathematics. The brave man who first put on paper a formula that included the apparently meaningless square root of a negative number was the sixteenth century Italian mathematician Cardan.

A small delay was actually noticed, but when Galileo sent his assistant to a position twice as far away, and repeated the experiment no increase of the delay was ob- served. The printed line can begin with any of these signs so that we have here 50 possibilities. Among the topics scrutinized with the author’s celebrated good humor and pedagogical prowess are the macrocosm and the microcosm, theory of numbers, relativity of space and time, entropy, genes, atomic structure, nuclear fission, and the origin of the solar system.

Oct 10, J. Likewise there are several nifty maths problems in relation to the physical concepts which makes reading this book quite entertaining.

On the paper coming from the rotating cylinder we should find the poetry of the thirtieth cen- tury, scientific discoveries of 1123 future, speeches to be made in the th Congress of the United States, and accounts of intra- planetary traffic accidents of the jnfinity Einstein was never able to do that.

Successive stages of cell division mitosis. Apart from that, the book kept me cooing till the end. Mar 12, Roberto Rigolin F Lopes rated it it was amazing. Dec 01, Cris rated it it was ok.

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