The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. For frankness, directness, intensity and intimacy, they are unrivaled in all of Scripture. How to Read the Psalms has ratings and 31 reviews. The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. For frankness, directness, intensity and intima. No wonder Christians have used the Psalms in worship from the earliest times to the How to Read the Psalms () by Tremper Longman III.

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It helps you to learn to identify genres, which in turn, helps you to better understand what you are reading.

In the epilogue, Longman gives this final exhortation, psqlms to the Psalms when you are happy and everything seems right with you. Oct 15, John rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us.

He explains the various kinds of psalms, the way they were used in Hebrew worship and their relationship to the rest of the Old Testament. The book, psalmd into three parts, begins with an In the preface he states that the book is intended for the average layreader and yet also could be used in a seminary class.

This isn’t a review. References to this book Comparative discourse analysis and the translation of Psalm 22 in Chichewa He also points them to Christ.

How to Read the Psalms

Nov 07, Lindsey rated it liked it. Step-by-step suggestions for interpretating the psalms on our own are followed by exercises for further study and reflection. Like my previous read, I chose to read this book in preparation for a more in depth study in the Psalms. He also observes that some of the titles given to the Psalms red their authors indicate such usage was understood, he cites here the example of Psalm The first is that we neglect a psalm’s original setting.


Sing laments to God when your life seems to crumble. The final division provides specific examples of the process of interpretation. When God hears your prayer, don’t forget to thank him for his kindness. Helpful guide to interpretation, tremped very introductory and a bit dated.

Turning to the art of Old Testament poetry, he explains the use of parallelism and imagery.

How to Read the Psalms by Tremper Longman III

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. How To Read The Psalms. He demonstrates the role of these paalms attributes of Hebrew poetry and helps his readers understand how each communicates truth to us.

The second part of the book is about “The Art of the Psalms. If you care about the psalms, read this, read N.

Yet the Psalms cause us difficulties when we look at t The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. Also included is a helpful guide to commentaries on the Psalms.

Brian G. Hedges : How to Read the Psalms by Tremper Longman III (Book Review)

InterVarsity PressSep 20, – Religion. If the reader has never been exposed to this kind of material before then it’s a somewhat helpful book. Longman is an informed and well-spoken helmsman. He also covers different types of psalms. This section is one of the strong points of the work as a whole.

Somehow the psalmists seem to have anticipated all our awe, desires and frustrations. Above all, go to the psalms to be honest with God. Chapter three investigates key Old Testament themes covenant, law, kingship, blessing yhe curse, forgiveness etc.


I will say of the Lord, He longmaan my refuge and my fortress: Longman discusses genre, imagery, organization, parallelism, etc. I suggest supplementing this with reading Mark Futato’s “Transformed by Praise” as it gives a similar perspective while adding helpful and digestable recent scholarship.

Though the Psalms were written by individuals at different times some by David others by Moses and still others by unknown authors and in different circumstances most of which are not clearly outlined for usthey were collected into a larger volume for the purpose of promoting corporate worship among the Israelites.

Jul 22, Bauer Evans rated it it was amazing. But they definitely end there, indeed all the longing and yearning that is contained in the Psalms is all meant to point to Christ, the end and realization of all longing and yearning.

It orients you and navigate your trip through the deeper water of the Psalms. Longman examines genre, imagery, similes and parallelism. Their Origin, development and use. The best part was the explication of longma different Psalms at the end combining all of the ideas he talked about throughout the book.

Book Review: How To Read The Psalms by Tremper Longman III

In this book, author Tremper Longman III explores how Christians should read the Psalms, especially focusing on how the coming of Christ affects our understanding of these hymns and laments. Heed the psalms of wisdom. Above all, go to the psalms to be honest with God.

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